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The BEDNAR brand is recognized by farmers and other manufacturers of agricultural machinery as a dynamically growing company responding to the current requirements and needs of farmers. After two years of intensive testing, BEDNAR starts with series production of new a combined cultivator called the ACTROS RO..

Clever design of the machine
In front of the machine there are 2 rows of discs with a large diameter of 690 × 6 mm. Then following are 2 rows of shares in the form of blades with powerful NON-STOP locking. This whole concept is completed by a packer designed for the final consolidation of the soil surface.

Benefits of the new combined cultivator ACTROS RO
The ACTROS RO is a highly robust combined cultivator, currently available in two working widths – 3 and 4 metres in a fixed design. Thanks to several working sections, it performs three working operations in one crossing:

• cutting of post-harvest residues,
• mixing residues with soil,
• intensive loosening.

Excellent cutting and mixing effect
Two rows of discs offer excellent cutting of post-harvest residues. This allows them to decompose faster. The disc section also takes care of the initial mixing of the residues with the soil. Intensive loosening to a depth of 35 centimetres takes place using 2 rows of shares.

The shares can be fitted with Active-Mix tine chisels for intensive mixing or Zero-Mix tine chisels for breaking compacted soil without mixing. The depth of the disc and shares working section can be set completely independently of each other..

Behind the shares there is an levelling section. Depending on the customer’s requirements, this section can be fitted with levelling discs (mechanically / hydraulically adjustable) or mechanically adjustable levelling rods. There is also a range of rear packers on offer for the final levelling of the surface and the creation of an ideal soil structure..

Integrated axle allows work without rear packers
The BEDNAR ACTROS RO excels with an integrated axle located in the middle of the machine. Compared to competing machines, this solution offers a smaller turning radius at the headland and allows the cultivator to work without rear packers, which can be easily removed from the machine during working in wet conditions.

Save time and money
In addition to a number of technical and agronomic advantages the ACTROS RO also brings economic benefits to its users in the form of fuel savings. The ACTROS RO can replace up to 2 crossings with single-purpose tillage machines in one pass.

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