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Bednar FMT is the newest addition to our range manufacturing high quality, heavy duty cultivation & drilling equipment.  We are very excited to be working with these innovative manufacturers who offer high impact machinery from their state of the art factory in the Czech Republic.


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STREIGEL-PRO is a straw harrow used in crop residue management for harrowing crop residue, activating the second growth, reviving perennial grass and preparing the seedbed up to 4 cm seeding in spring.

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SWIFTERDISC Disc Cultivator

SWIFTERDISC is a disc cultivator prepared for fast, quality, low-cost stubble cultivation up to 12 cm, which can also be used for soil cultivation before seeding.

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ATLAS Disc Cultivator

ATLAS is a heavy disc cultivator designed for deeper stubble cultivation in fields with large crop residue.  ATLAS is a state-of-the-art disc cultivator that excels in its universal use in both dry and wet conditions.  ATLAS is your secured bet.

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SWIFTER Seedbed Cultivator

SWIFTER is a traditional seedbed cultivator that allows you to combine all operations needed for the perfect seedbed preparation, even in a deep ridge, into a single pass at a high speed.

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FENIX Universal Cultivator

FENIX is a universal cultivator that can be used for stubble cultivation, intense medium-depth cultivation and deep cultivation up to 35 cm.

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TERRALAND Chisel Plough

TERRALAND is a chisel plough designed for deep aeration with a demand on the lower pulling force.  The aim of deep soil cultivation is to securely disrupt the compacted soil layers and revive the soil profile.

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TERRALAND DO Combined Chisel Plough

TERRALAND DO is a disc-chisel plough with and integrated axle in front of the rear packers that combines stubble cultivation operations at a depth of up to 18 cm and deep aeration at a depth of up to 45 cm.  If needed, it is possible to put the front part of the discs out of operation and only use deep aeration.

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For deep aeration in a season with lack of precipitation, it is recommended to use additional heavy PRESSPACK to close the aerated soil profile and crush clods.


The CUTTERPACK can be used after deep aeration to cut clods and crop residue.

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ROWMASTER Inter-row Cultivator

ROW-MASTER is an inter-row cultivator designed for disrupting the soil crust in the growth of corn, sunflower, sugar beet and other row crops.

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OMEGA Seed Drill

OMEGA OO_L is a VERSATILL lightweight seed drill with disc soil preparation which allows for planting various crops with a large seeding amount variation.  The OO_FL model has the option of additional fertilisation.

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ALFA Seed Drill

ALFA DRILL is a seed drill designed for planting cover crop, additional grass, or for all-area fertiliser application.  It can be installed on various types of BEDNAR machines.  The dispensing area below the hopper includes the time-tested robust stainless seeding mechanism from the OMEGA seed drill machines.  The strong hydraulic fan ensures a good function also in a larger width.  The unit is controlled via ISOBUS directly from the tractor (depends on the actual configuration).  End sensors simplifying operation can be applied.

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FERTI-BOX Fertiliser Hopper

FERTI-BOX is a mounted hopper enabling application of fertilisers into the soil profile during soil cultivation which makes the operations as well as the application of fertilisers more effective.

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MULCHER Rotary Mulcher

MULCHER is a machine designed for mulching crop residue in arable soil, perennial grasslands, leftover grazing plants or seedlings.

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