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Shooting season is well underway across the UK, as the Autumn of 2015 sees many enthusiasts engaging in this popular country pursuit which attracts over 600,000 people to this absorbing activity every year. Shooting provides many benefits to the rural economy, bringing in an estimated £2 billion a year and supporting 74,000 jobs. Furthermore, the British countryside benefits, as 2 million hectares of land is protected for animal conservation.

Shooting has a proven positive impact on the economy and environment, as well as benefiting individual participants of this lively outdoor pursuit. Field sports are a very social activity for groups of friends to actively engage in, as well as offering much-needed fresh air and exercise in safe surroundings.

However, in order to bag plenty of game and endure the brisk weather that this season brings, it is essential you stock up on quality clothing and equipment. This is where Ernest Doe can help, with amazing supplies to ensure a spectacular shooting season.

Clothing is Key

Correct clothing is vital for shooting season to ensure enthusiasts have the protection from the elements. Warm, waterproof attire is important for a day’s shooting to defend against cold, rain or snow, whilst allowing mobility along the shoulders to make sure stiffness or tension does not impair your aim.

For keen shooters, the Musto collection has four decades of experience in excellent outdoor clothing and accessories. This range of waterproof, breathable attire provides wonderful benefits for the keen shooter, such as quality gilets and jackets with deep pockets for your cartridges.

Another fantastic brand no matter the outdoor conditions is Hoggs of Fife. With an impressive lineage, its Field Pro selection focuses on innovation and technology to produce a premium product. These include fine choices of jackets, fleeces and tweeds.

Barbour clothing is a popular British brand heralded for its classical, functional clothing. Ernest Doe stocks a full range of their products, including wax jackets, trousers and jumpers to keep you wrapped up warm in the Autumn chill.

Boots Built for Purpose

Footwear is also extremely important for those pursuing shooting. When trekking through the fields and woodlands where one would find game and wildfowl, high quality boots are critical to guarantee you remain supported on uneven terrain and shielded from the damp ground.

Experienced hunters will hammer home how important having your feet set is critical to effective shooting. Small movements whilst aiming protects your body from becoming tense or set in stone. Therefore, boots offering comfort and strength in such conditions are crucial.

When searching for outstanding boots, Le Chameau is a brand that should be at the top of the list. Having produced wellingtons since 1927, their products are extremely comfortable and functional, making them ideal for a day’s sport. They use advanced technology and excellent workmanship to create an exceptional boot which, through the use of Neoprene, warms the inside quickly and prevents heat escaping on an icy day’s shooting.

Effective Ammunition

Your clothing sorted, the next important component to prepare is your ammunition. A hunter is only as good as the ammunition at their disposal, so whether you are hunting game birds, wildfowl or deer, cartridges need to be reliable and built for purpose.

Lyalvale Express is one of the most popular producers of shotgun cartridges in the world, with over 30 different models developed to maximise the potential in all shooters, regardless of their level of expertise. These cartridges have great recognition throughout the market and are the only British-made cartridge to win an Olympic Gold medal.

A second choice on offer is the terrific Pigeon Select cartridges from Eley Hawk, designed to pack the perfect punch on your shooting trip. Its shape ensures a crisp firing line and clean burning powder rounds that will deliver a big bag of pigeons!

For shooting success this season, Ernest Doe provides exceptional quality brands and equipment throughout the South East. Visit your local store today, or contact us on 01245 380311. We are also on Facebook, Google+, YouTube and Twitter.


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