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Rain or shine – Harvest time is here!

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As we prepare for all eventualities that occur at this time of year, we have now committed to you by extending our working hours and making sure we are on call outside of these opening hours for emergency after sales support. A full branch breakdown of our harvest hours can be found here.

This season has seen torrential storms and temperatures soar sky high so how do you prepare?

Ernest Doe are on hand to make sure you don’t get caught out – these products will ensure your Harvest operation runs smoothly.

Breathe Easy

Premium Dust mask

All of our showrooms stock a wide range of masks and respirators to suit all contaminants that you and your workforce are at risk of inhaling; as well as suiting every budget. With ratings ranging from FFP1 for dust to FFP3 for fine particles, our premium disposable masks come either valved or unvalved, moulded or unmoulded and in packs of 2 or 3 to boxes of 10 or 20 – the choice is yours.

Stay safe whilst staying stylish

Safety glasses (r)

Why do most eye accidents occur? With most goggles being bulky, heavy and pretty unsightly they’re often uncomfortable and remain on the workbench.  However, Bollé (who also specialise in sporting and ski eyewear) have introduced a super range of smart, lightweight protective eyewear that look stylish and are appealing to wear. All our stores have a good range and they are also available from our online shop … and the best part? They won’t cost you any more than a tenner!

Grain store maintenance

grain store smokes

Insects in stored crops can still breed at relatively low temperatures and moisture contents so, despite good storage conditions, it is important to be vigilant and monitor for their presence. If you haven’t already done it make sure you fumigate your grain store and eradicate all the bugs and start the season with a clean barn.  Grain Store smokes are available from our Parts Department and are priced at £29.95 inc VAT each – please ask at the counter as these are not available off the shelf.

Once the store is filled with grain, Pitfall Insect Traps can be used to detect the presence of insects. They are a ‘blunder’ insect trap designed to take a random sample that is representative of the whole store. Insect Pitfall Traps are used in pairs, with one at the surface and one placed approximately 8-15cm down into the grain. The traps should be placed approximately 5-6 metres apart.  The insect traps should be checked regularly as part of a crop assurance programme. Any insects found should be carefully identified and remedial action such as cooling or fumigation carried out as required.  Pitfall traps are available in store priced at £4.95 inc VAT.

Don’t forget to have a good quality grain shovel to hand – these are on offer throughout July and August at £19.95 inc VAT.

grain shovel

Moisture meter


Now’s the time to check your Moisture Meter, these should be serviced every year to ensure accurate results. If it’s in need of a service, please contact your nearest branch or if you’re looking to replace it – we recommend the Grainmaster Moisture Meter currently on offer in our stores.

Keep feet dry and toes safe!

For longer working hours you need comfortable, lightweight protective footwear – we’ve got you covered. From trainers to wellies, we have a huge range of safety footwear to suit all sizes and all budgets.  Our newest addition to the range is the Dickies Fife Dealer Boot in Crazy Horse Brown – see the specification below:

Dickies work boot

Steel toe-cap to EN20345 (200 Joules)

  • Steel midsole for underfoot protection
  • Goodyear Welted Construction
  • Breathable lining
  • Full Grain Leather
  • Nitrile rubber outsole
  • Heat resistant outsole to 300′ C

This boot is competitively priced and the answer to keeping your feet comfortable and safe during this Harvest.



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