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To meet the ever changing needs of farmers, Case IH has launched the LB, a superb range of high output big balers with an appetite to match. Each model is designed to get the maximum benefit from the crop so that all the goodness and value is retained.

These high performance big balers from Case IH are full of modern features to meet the challenges of today and for well into the future. The LB 323 abd333 are ideal for livestock farmers. Perfect for baling hay and grass silage, capable of forming high quality, easily transportable 80x70cm or 80x90cm bale for long term storage.

Medium sized farms and contractors will find the LB 423 attractive. It produces high density 120x70cm bales for straw, silage and hay and is available with a fine cut rotor option for grass silage.

The LB 433 is a supersize baler. It is designed for all crop types and is capable of producing 120x90cm silage, hay and straw bales 2.6m in length – the most stable size for economic transportation

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