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Head office: 01245 380311

GPS, RTK and satellite guidance

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We offer a very comprehensive range of satellite guidance systems, for agricultural machinery, everything from basic light bars through to fully integrated RTK guidance on almost every machine. We even have our very own in-house specialists; Robert Last and Will Young.

With accuracies from sub-metre down to 2.5cm, everyone’s needs can be catered for, whether it’s for spreading and spraying, cultivation, precision drilling or harvesting.



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Real Time Kinematics

RTK, which stands for Real Time Kinematics, is fast becoming the most popular system for a year to year pass accuracy of only 2.5cm and a pass to pass accuracy normally averaging 1.5-2cm. There are two ways in which we can achieve this precision.

The first is through an RTK base station which would normally be erected on the highest point in the area. The position of the base station is known extremely accurately and this information can be used to modify and correct the satellite positioning data received by the tractor or combine in order to accurately define its position. The base station communicates with the tractor using a radio frequency.

We have our own Doe RTK base stations in Essex and Cambridgeshire so we are able to offer an RTK signal to our customers in these areas.

The second RTK solution is Virtual Reference Station (VRS). This system is as accurate as a base station (down at 2cm) but there is no limit on the area that you cover. This makes it ideal for farmers who have land that is well spread out and cannot be covered by one base station. VRS works through a network of masts across the country which act as reference stations.


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