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Did you know that a third of all bones in the body are located in the feet? Our feet are an incredibly important part of our body. They take our weight and allow us to walk, run, skip, jump and dance. It’s vital that we take care of them as well as they take care of us.

We offer a wide range of branded footwear designed for all types of terrain. So, you’ll be pleased to hear that we are currently offering a massive 20% discount throughout our entire range from the 17th September to the 24th September. Whatever style of footwear you are looking for, Ernest Doe will help you find your feet.

Safety First

Our feet are most vulnerable when we are working in hazardous environments. They’re in danger of losing grip, heavy objects being dropped on them and wearing out from long periods of standing.

For maximum protection, invest in a pair of sturdy safety boots, like these by DeWalt. They are lightweight with a breathable lining. The dual density seat region in the insoles absorb shock whilst antibacterial technology works to minimise smell and prevent the cultivation of any infections. The shoes can withstand heats of up to 300°C, are oil and chemical resistant, and are fitted with steel toecaps.


Gardening on the Go!

Spending the day working hard in the garden is incredibly rewarding, but can result in aches and pains. Good shoes improve posture and provide extra support, thus minimising the negative effects gardening can have on the body.

Muck Boot’s Daily Eden Garden Shoe is designed just for this purpose, as well as for ease and convenience. Available for men and women, they are easy to slip on and off to avoid the spread of dirt when going from outdoors to in. Additionally, they are suitable for all kinds of weather. They are fully waterproof thanks to their Insu-foam ultra shell construction as well as an insulated sole, making it the ideal fit for wet or warm weather. Plus, their underfoot chassis is specially designed to support the foot, so you can happily work in comfort all day.


Hunting for the Perfect Wellies?

Comfort may not be the first word that comes to mind when you think of wellington boots, but they are must-have footwear for nature lovers, dog walkers, and festival-goers.

Luckily, our brilliant sale coincides with the arrival of Hunter Boots’ latest collection. This wonderful range of wellies and boots has the perfect blend of practicality and style, boasting colourful designs and exceptional comfort. They are a ready fit for every environment – waterproof, robust and orthopaedic, they’re sure to keep you striding in style for years to come!


Smart and Sensible

You may have memories of having to wear smart shoes for events in the past, which had hard soles, pinched and caused blisters. Ill-fitting shoes can quickly sour your party spirit, and may lead to bunions, calluses and, more seriously, heel pain and arch problems.

These Cotswold Tuffley shoes have a smooth, genuine leather upper with a high quality finish, meaning they are ideal for events that require guests to dress up. They also include several features to make them as comfortable as possible. The cushioned foot beds absorb pressure and are shaped to the natural curves of the feet to provide extra support.


Children’s Shoes

It is particularly important that children, whose feet are still growing, wear shoes of the correct size. Ensuring that they always wear the right size will set them in good stead for the future.

We have a range of practical shoes to make sure that your children’s feet stay dry, warm and comfortable this autumn and winter. These Muck Boot Hales are fully insulated with 4mm of Neoprene to provide optimal warmth and waterproofing, but are still breathable thanks to the PK Mesh lining.


When the winter chill sets in, your little ones will stay toasty in these Regatta Snow Cadet Junior boots. They are weather proof and packed with insulation, yet still breathable. This is thanks to the warm fleece inner lining, lightweight Thermo-Guard insulation and woven nylon mesh upper. Importantly, the soles are slip resistant and shaped to support the foot.


This is simply a taste of the footwear we have available, so don’t miss your chance to treat your feet for less this week. Explore our wide range of exceptional shoes, boots and wellies in store or by visiting our online shop. Enter code: footwear20 to get your 20% discount online – remember, everything in our webshop can be ordered as a click and collect and delivered to your local store within 72 hours (often quicker!) but hurry … sale ends Saturday 24th September.


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