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Autumn garden nightmares – how to protect yours from critters and creepy crawlies

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Autumn garden nightmares


Autumn is traditionally the spookiest season of the year, so it is only fitting that we tackle the problem of Autumn garden nightmares in the form of creepy crawlies and unwanted pests. October doesn’t have to be a monstrous month in the garden and with these tips you’ll be able to exorcise any animal invasion in no time!

These pests may be present all year round, but the autumn weather means that there are new problems posed when it comes to quashing them. This will give you the tips and tools needed to tackle these little terrors head on.

Slimy slugs


These slippery creatures are a nemesis of many gardeners and notoriously difficult to deal with. Whilst you will never be able to remove them entirely, there are steps that you can take to minimise the amount of damage they cause.

Although the changing of the leaves provides our gardens with an array of stunning colours, it also causes plenty of problems when they start to fall and gather on the ground. One of these is that it gives the slug a helpful hiding place.

We recommend that you regularly rake up fallen leaves. While this task may seem daunting and never ending, you’ll make light work of it with the right rake. You’ll catch every leaf with this Spear and Jackson Tubular Leaf Rake, thanks to its numerous, well-distributed teeth. It is extremely lightweight, preventing aches during prolonged use, and has a rubber coating at the top for grip and comfort.


Once you have collected the leaves, you can incinerate them, or store them in a sealed bin to make compost. If you choose to create compost, we recommend this Decco clip lid bin. It’s ideal for all types of garden waste and seals securely to avoid spillages and prevent unwanted garden guests from visiting for food or a place to nest.


When disposing of the leaves, be sure to look out for hedgehogs that may also be hiding in the pile. It is important we keep their number up, especially as they are a natural predator of slugs!

Revolting rats


When it comes to keeping rats at bay, you should again ensure that you are clearing leaves and other debris, such as dead plants and flowers. This minimises the number of places they can settle or hide.

In autumn, food sources will be sparser and so it is likely that these rodents will be desperate to scavenge scraps from bin bags, compost heaps and even venturing into the house to nibble at food that has not been properly sealed.

Keep rubbish and compost far from the house, in sealed bins. Ensure that all food, even pet food, is stored in sealed containers in the house and garage. Additionally, it is wise to keep branches and shrubbery cut back from the house to discourage them from living close to the house or being able to enter it.

Clearing your garden and cutting back bushes and trees will be easy work with the help of this Honda Petrol Hedge Trimmer. It’s lightweight and cordless, plus it has vibration-reducing controls meaning you can work more comfortably for longer. The best thing is that you can currently save over £100 on its RRP!


We stock a wide range of pest control products and are very happy to provide help and advice on what solution is most appropriate for your particular circumstance – simply ask one of our friendly team members instore.

Bloodcurdling badgers

Autumn garden nightmares

Similarly, badgers can cause garden damage by raiding rubbish and strewing it across the lawn. This is another reason that using bins with a clip on lid is wise. They may also ruin lawns by digging in the newly soft and moist soil, foraging for food.

Turf pests in the soil often attract them but, fortunately, these are easy to treat. You can use a standard pesticide to get rid of these creatures, causing the lawn to lose its appeal to the badgers.

Remember, it has been illegal to kill or injure a badger since 1992, when the Protection of Badgers Act was introduced. Ensure that when you are dealing with these creatures, you are humane and do not harm them. This means confirming that any pesticide you use is non-toxic.

To quickly treat your lawn for turf pests, we recommend using your non-toxic pesticide with one of our domestic sprayers. The Hozelock Pressure Sprayer Pro has an adjustable nozzle so it can be used for a number of purposes and has a flexible 3 in 1 rucksack style harness for ease and comfort when spraying – ideal for lawn treatments.


Whether you’re battling bugs or swift scavengers, Ernest Doe can cover all your pest-control concerns. You can browse more items in store or on our online shop: www.ernestdoeshop.com.

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